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Applications for the Ooks Life Team 2024/25 Open in Fall 2023

Interested in Campus Activities Board roles? Click on the link below to learn more.

What is the Ooks Life Team?

NAITSA’s Ooks Life Team plays a vital role in making campus life the best experience possible! We might be biased, but it is the best gig on campus! These all-star students are hired annually from various programs and backgrounds to help plan, promote, and execute events, coordinate volunteer opportunities, and support campus clubs. The sky’s the limit on the Ooks Life Team, and we are always open to unique and exciting ideas!

Where can you find the Ooks Life Team?

Typically you can find the Ooks Life Team all over campus! With over 140 events hosted each year, both on-campus, off-campus, and virtually there are plenty of places you can find the Ooks Life Team. This fun-loving team is always running around NAIT making events, involvement opportunities, and other fun activities a reality for their fellow students. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us if you want to learn more about the Ooks Life Team!


What’s Going on (News)

A Week in The Life of a CAB Member

A Week in The Life of a CAB Member

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Campus Activities Board member at NAITSA? All of our members will be able to tell you that their experience has been nothing short of amazing! The Campus Activities Board comprises a group of students who work hand in hand...

Campus Activities Board Retreat: April 2022

Campus Activities Board Retreat: April 2022

Last week, we have the pleasure of visiting Nordegg, Alberta for the Campus Activities Board Retreat. It was an opportunity for the incoming team to brainstorm events & initiatives, prepare for the Fall 2022 semester, and bond as a team! We had a blast & made...

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